Thursday, 10 January 2013

Problems, updates and new settings

It seems blogger does not want to add any pics. I hope this is just momentary problem. I was about to add some new pics from historical jewelry, but I have to postpone such entry.

As few of you might have noticed, I have changed the layout and background of the blog. It's not as scary as it was previously ;) I hope you like new new look as much as I do.

I also changed the settings. Now anyone are able to comment my entries, althou I will moderate them all. I hope all the spammers will stay away for a while.

Oh well, I might report that I AGAIN started new German brick stitch embroidery, ahahhaha  xD We had childrens' weekend at the castle, and I wanted to make embroidery kids can touch. I almost fainted when 10 kids started to caress my finished, silken German brick stitch x) I should not be so scared about it, but I did not want even the tiniest smudge or grease onto the embroidery.

See you later,
Lady Amal

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