Friday, 18 January 2013

German Brick Stitch : 1/2 of small bag

20121019_212228_zpsa27b1306 photo 20121019_212228_zpsa27b1306.jpg 

Here's pic of my finished german brick stitch. It's 22 evencount and made with silk (from Silk Mill) As you can see, plenty of mistakes xD I also ran out of the reddish brown floss and I ordered new skeins... from wrong color. Soooo, I decided to use it after all. I tried to make the transition line as smooth and even as possible, so maybe some people would think it was intentional colorchange xD  
I have started to embroider other side. This piece and the unfinished one are going to be a fancy little bag to accompany my  new late 14th century dress.
(Pattern here @ Medieval Arts and Crafts)

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