Monday, 17 January 2011

Little progress

I am now , again, unemployed. so I have finally time to do some crafts. Yay for creativiness! Boo for the poorness!

Anyhow, Here's a small list of things I have/need done.

I had a luck with my yule-presents. Those mittens, done by my cousin's friend, are excatly the same yarn as my halfdone naalbinded armwarmers (at the middle) . Yay! Soon I have matching set :)

- My handsewn undergarment is nearly ready. I just need to sew 2 seams and do the trims. Heh, I've been doing it over 1½ years now. I have to admit that I am not very active.

- I NEED to continue my LAST years' Yulepresents. Maybe my friends and relatives will get their Yule-presents 6months late this year.

- I have just taken up 2 'comissions' for SCA scrolls. These ones have to turn up really pretty, as they are Panache-scrolls. And no, these are not for anyone who reads this blog :P So don't be 'scared', heheh.

- I need to finish also one viking apron-dress and one undergarment. These will be partly handsewn. When I have finished them, there will no be any machine-sewing visible. This saves lotsa time and energy and these will look like i'd sewn them 100% by hand.

- I will make small pounch for my friend using German Brick Stitch. This is new to me, so it might take some time to learn. In return my friend will do several pairs of pretty, pretty woolsocks :D

- I finally found a nice person who can make custom made veilpins for me. They will be silver and I'll customate them myself. I have already got real pearls and malachite-beads for it. If they end up looking good, I might be doing few pairs for Etsy/eBay. Anyone interested to buy veil-pins?

so, tell me about your new projects? Are you going to learn something new this year?