Sunday, 6 March 2011


I officially HATE German Brick Stitch!! I started to embroider bag for my friend, using German brick stitch and this pattern. In 5h I managed to do 5cm x5cm area 3 times! I mean I literally made it 3 times, undoing it between the tries. And each time the result was wonky and uneven. Gaaah! I decided to try this pattern instead. I really hope it's easier to make. I know this techique is slower than 'normal' embroidery, but it's so freaking frustrating too.

Here is some pictures of my much better embroideries. It took relatively short time to make these, maybe 2 days per image.

I made this one for my sister

This one is for my Mama

This one is for Cousin

And this one is for my friend Sanna. Those beads are Jade, btw