Friday, 30 April 2010

ATC creativity and update from other projects

First of all, I'd like to thank and say Hi to all my new followers o/ I hope my crafty things keep you inspired in the future , ha ha ;)

I'd like to post scans of some ATC cards I've made recently.

Pingu swap @ Swap-Bot

1st Row: Pingu and Celtic
2nd: Steampunk x2
3rd: Viking x2 (the last one says Odin in runes)

Celtic with ogham writing (Left: Noderns, God of dogs, right: Clota, Goddess of river Clyde. I used to live by the river Clyde 4 years, so I just had to write it there :) )

These are ATCs I've got recently. Unfortunately I can not remember/too lazy to check who made these. I'll write down the themes just in case.

1st row: Ancient Greece and Viking (That is real copperplate. I totally LOVE it, as it's 1st metal one I've got)
2nd: Naked Lady and Alice in wonderland
3rd: Alice in Wonderland and Faeries (I love the metal wings)

And the is time for the Project update:

- My undergarment is on the way. I still need to finish the backside gore and then I can put on sleeves and do the sideseams.

- I have started to make my sister's bridemaid's naalbinding mittens, 1st one is halfdone.

- I decided to make totally new patch for the Drachenwald's wallhanging. The Nea Nikosia's embroidery looked to bad and after wondering I decided to start it all over again with different kind of stich.

- Harpelestane's patch is on the way. I still have to do some fixing with the towers, as each of them looks different size at the moment :D

- I have decided to postpone my own naalbinding socks, armwarmer and mittens to autunm. I figured out I should finish my 'comissions', like Bridemaid Johanna's mittens, first.

- I have been starting to plan to do a needleroll. I got inspiration yet again from Racaire's blog. I really need a needleroll, as I ALWAYS loose my needles or they are places they should not be (like my divan's armrest or my toys' heads :D) I was wondering if I could practise German Brick Stitch :)