Monday, 14 February 2011


Yup, I have had sneaky attack by inspiration. I have started to do 4 scrolls for SCA, I have finished ½ of my last year's presents and I have been at events. And my armwarmers are finished :) Unfoirtunately I don't have picture of them yet to offer you. I really DONT like to live without proper camera :/ I have done one scroll too, but the picture is still inside my friend's camera. Maybe she remembers to send it soon...

I also got 3 wonderful books, thanks Ma for paying them <3 Do you know any good costuming books? Let me know :)

Oh well, I did not had any time outside kitchen at Midwinter's Feast, as I was again slaving in kitchen 2 days. But we had fun there :D And this event I even sang publicly, yikes! The performance went pretty fine, althou I was douplenervous because of the show and being in charge of luch and breakfast. This picture tells pretty fine how fun we had between stove and dirty dishes, haha :D Thanks to our bread-slave Mikki ;)

I end this post for quote from Eluvietie *singing aloud*

Aia mape coime, adrete!
In blatugabagli uorete,
cante snon celiIui in cete!