Saturday, 13 August 2011


I think it's time to update again. First I have to tell you happy news, I have camera now! My dear friend gave me his old cam and I have been using it like mad.

I won't we talking about RopeCon in this blog, because I did not had any thime to do crafts there. I had plenty to do with the Fashion-show (I made douple-entry) and cloackroom-duties.

At 3rd of August I started my epic roadtrip to Poland, Wolin with lovely bunch of creatures from Harmaasudet. We spend more or less 55h in car. I had fun at the trip and Wolin's viking event was an experinece. First time I saw over 30 people in battle (there were something like 300 fighters) and I loved the sound. On Sat battle I was even playing watergirl. Weather then was pretty hot, so the brave fighters really needed the water. I have only few pics of myself from the trip and in most of them I am naalbinding...uups xD

Vikings plotting their next pillage-trip. (Some of the Vikings really pillaged neighbour village xD)

So...what else I have done lately. Some of you know that I take private singing lessons and I also sing in choir. Anyways, I pay part of the lessons by making naalbinded mittens. I finished the 1st one at Wolin and I am quite satisfied. I still need to practise a lot, I tend to make unmatching pairs with wonky details. I really want to leart to make even pairs (of socks and mittens). I'll post pic when I finish the other mitten. I hope they'll look the same x) I totally loved the Polish meat, Mead and tiny craft and jewelry-shops as the site. Too bad I had only 120e budjet, so I could not by anything for myself (as I had to buy few things to pay my loans to friends)

I have started to look for name for the 2nd naalbindin technique I learned month ago. It might be Dalarna-stich or similar. And I really wish to lear Oman-stich. I wonder who could teach it to me... I have totally fell in love with that 'Dalarna' stich (or what ever it is really). Now I am planning to make new sock for me.

As I have good camera now, I might dokument my next project properly. I have to make basic Byzantine dress for the event I organize (early October). The even is going to be Elävä Keskiaika's Tulijuhla and I will be hosting it with my friend Birgitta. This is 1st time I am outside of the kitchen, yikes xD Anyways, The dress will be quite simple and I have bought red linen for it. I'll do some embroiderings or application from silk or brocade. I have not yet found decent fabric for the decoration, but I might even cut my blue/gold dress for this. The Blue dress is silk and already nearly ruined, so why not use the good pieces some way.

I am also coming to Aarnimetsä's Investiture, IF I manage to get place as kitchenslave. The even fee for jobless is pretty bad, that's why I volunteered to be kitchenslave if I get some discount. I am going to paint at least 1, or even 2, scrolls for the event and I'd really wish to see the recipients' faces when they get them. Esp, because the one will have plenty of inside-jokes painted/written on it xD