Monday, 11 March 2013

New order halfdone

I hurt my foot week ago quite bad. It took over 5 days to be able to wear a shoe without pain. I still have some pain, but I am able to use one pair of shoes. So, as I have been forced to sit a lot, I have also had change to embroider a lot.

This is it, the order I have been embroidering lately. It's going to be embroidered with silk and attached to my client's tunic later. I have had some problems while ordering new silk and as this order is quite important, I can not wait till May to get new floss from my normal supplier. So I decided to start with the colors I already have and hope they will last long enough. I found another place to order silk threat. They should arrive tomorrow, I hope. I really wish those new colors are suitable, this new company had like 5 different kind of silk, and I have no idea witch ones would be similar to those I have already used. Don'r worry, I will report as soon as I get the threats.