Tuesday, 8 June 2010

First Ancient Market this year

Las weekend I was pretending to be a Viking. Me and my friends Nana (from Kierteleväkettu) and Päiwi spent lovely weekend at Kokkila's Ancient Market. We srayed at my mother's place near market area and Ladies were very pleased of my mother's hospitality. I knew my mam likes to see my medieval friends, but her hospitality was even more than I expected. I <3 my mam :) It felt like staying in 5 star hotel :D And Mam was so surprised to hear singing (in tune :D) in the house, ha ha :D

I was planning just to hang around at the market, but I ended up helping Nana at her stall, giving craft-shows from naalbinding and lucet braids, singing and dancing front of mundane visitors. I had such a blast there :) I even managed to learn something new (lucet braid) and managed to do 1/3 of Johanna's 2nd naalbinding mitten. It seems I can managed to finish them before winter ;)

Things I bought from the market:

- 2 skeins of woolyarn from Rikissa (?) ( I love the colors)
- Horn naalbinding needle and wooden lucet fork from Nana
- copper Thor's Hammer ( I lost my tin version year ago)

New game: Looking for the lost fishing hook

Old (and baaad) C-cassette got better use as Lucet braid

Päiwi , me and Nana

And we played and sang a lot


Me as shop-assistant