Monday, 14 May 2012

Little update and picspam


It's been a while... I know... My irl-work just makes me so tired, that I have not managed to do much... plus, I have started too many new projects x) Here's little update...

Embroideries done at work:
I have some time to do embroideries at work, and here is 2 pics of my creations. 1st one is decorating one of my work's new uniforms (diam. about 7cm) and the other is 2 borders to be added to small bags. The bags will be sold in our shop some day. Left hand side embroidery is made using cotton vatiating blue-white and purple-white and it's trimmed with small silver back stitch. The right pair of images are made with rainbow colored silk and trimmed with golden back stitch.

It took about  week to do this 1st embroidery and about 1½ days for each of the smaller ones. 

Here is a peek from my work.

I have material for several posts now, I am planning to make separate posts of them, as most of them are different kind of crafts. I'll be blogging in few days again.