Thursday, 31 January 2013

more German Brick stitch...

Do you have problems with adding photos? I have not been able to add pics straight from my HD, and I have to store them 1st into my photobucket album before I can add them into my posts. Really annoying...

This time I'd like to post yet another pic of my embroideries. Last 2 weeks have been really crazy, all I have wanted to to is embroider, embroider and embroider a bit more. I have even skipped World of warcraft to be able to finish my little patches of German Brick Stitch.

so... here's one I made. I have these really odd skeins of random floss and I have been trying to use them as good as I can. In this embroidery I used all the colors from the bluish set of floss. It ended up pretty goodlooking (minus the one single mistake on the left side of the embroidery). Fabric was 24 evenweave and each stitch is 3mm long. Cream outlines are silk, interior is mostly wool, I guess. You see, I have no idea what material this bluish set was, as i came without any tags etc. But I assume they are wool, at least they feel like wool.This is 14cm x 8cm

  photo monisini_zps45551842.jpg

And no, I have no idea what I am going to do with it. I might make a needlebook, but I may do something else too