Monday, 16 August 2010

Pictures... finally!

Here is my 1st patch for the SCA wallhanging

yeah... It's really artistic picture ;) Deal with it :P Anyways, My boyfriend's mother has 2 of these things ( I have nooooo idea about the english word) and she let me use them. I spent whole midday unwrapping the skeins. I totally love it! Oh, the wool has been colored with indigo.

5 little balls of wool... 5 little delicious balls of wool <3. I still have 10 unwrapped skeins to do. Most of them are naturally colored with plants.

I have a small Poll for you readers, Please, answer 2 basic and easy questions

1. Do you like Giveways? Would you like me to give away something made by me? (I just may have something to donate ;) )

2. Do you wish to see my papercrafts, like ATC cards and such?

Best wishes,

Sunday, 15 August 2010

I DID IT! (wallhanging part 1)

Wohoo! I did it, I DID IT! My first patch, Harpelestane, for the Drachenwald's Coat-of-arms wallhanging project. I am soooo releived. And I only have like 10cm of the red and yellow floss left xD That means I need to buy more blue and white for the remaining 2 patches I have promised to do. Pictures fill follow as soon as I find my USB- cord for the phone (I still have to use phone's crappy cam)