Monday, 6 January 2014

Yes, I am alive!

Yikes! I blogged last time on September. Forgive me! To be honest, I have finished only 2 modern works and started like 7 new ones. I really need to finish thing before starting something new! Heeeelp!

Anyways, I can blog about one of the finished modern works, as the surprise gift was given on xmas.

Let me introduse Leet! Leet is talkative creature from Anarchy Online and Secret World games. This Leet is made of fakeleather, by hand + with love, naturally. I met the recipient of the gift at the game Secret World and I decided to make him a xmas-present. The tiny bear around his neck is called Einstein. It's also from game Secret World. That one I ordered online, as it would have been too small to make it.

In near future I have plenty to blog, as I have pile of pictures from Southern German museums and castles.