Thursday, 26 January 2012

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I am at Twitter, under name @geeklaugh .Add me ;)

I'll tweet mostly about geeky things, like history, gaming, odd humor etc. There'll be some historical things too. And I definitely post all the strange questions I hear at work xD

Monday, 23 January 2012

Books and illumination etc

oi, oi, oi... I just ordered This book. It was not what I believed to be, size A5 booklet with iron-on patterns. This was _A4_ sized book, full of lovely pictures and even borders. I LOVE IT!!! and It was ONLY 0.01£ !!! (I was not planning to make a celtic dress, but now I just have to xD)

I also managed to finish one islamic scroll, but I am not yet posting a pic of it, as it is not yet delivered to the new owner. I'll tell ya more about it, when I post the pics.

Lately I have been crocheting quite a lot. I finished multicolored mittens (for my ma) week ago and now I am finishing up my new viking apron dress. I totally loooove the color, it's something like deep saffron. I also have naturally dyed tabletweave waiting to be added. I just hope the dress won't be too heavy. It's really thick linen and atm it feel like you're wearing an elefant xD I bet the weight is distibuted more evenly when I add straps.

Since I started work, I have been buying craft-supplies like crazy. I just can not stop. I want ti all and I want it now, haha xD I hope I am not the only one 'suffering' from this 'illness'... og well, maybe I actually create something pretty out of them...

lastly, there is really interesting writing (by Textile Time-Travels) about re-enacting etc. I mostly agree with her, but not totally. I have only tiny differences of opinion in 'fine details' but generally that would be my thoughts excatly. (Althou I don't think I'd have courage to blog about it xD)