Monday, 28 March 2011

Progress report, ATCs and Conventus

Hello again!

This time my update will be short one and full with pictures, tehee!

Firstly I should report about Conventus Sturionum, an Elävä Keskiaika/Living Middle Age semi-period academic weekend. We had many different lectures this time. And naturally I was again working in kitchen. I also had illumination-lessons in 2 nights. And on Sat I teached cooking for 2 brave students while we made much for others. We had some problems with the oven, but eventually everything was edible, even the peppery lentil-soup ;) Also few of my friends got interested of scroll-painting. I had brought all my illumination books with me and even I found inspiration from them. Maybe I should start yet another new scroll...*buahaha*

Last week I have been panic-embroidering. This time I was making a engagement-present for my dear friends Minna and Nina. I had less than week to do it and unfortunately you can see it :( But the mainthing is that my friends liked it a lot.

About 10cm, silk on cotton. C and E connected with golden ring.

I have also been doing tabletweawing lately. This dark gray and green piece is now sewed to my viking appron-dress. I totally suck on tablet weaving and I was planning to try out brokade. I saw Sahra's tutorial and I instantly got interested! I know few late 1500's lace-patterns that I could/will use for it. I'll post progress report soon!

I am glad you can not see the multiply mistakes from this picture ;)

And here is some ATC cards I've done lately...

Theme: Renaissance

Theme: Renaissance Fashion

Theme: Sindarin language

What have you been up to lately?