Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I have managed to do something, wohoo

I am sorry to be so late, again. I have ment to update days ago, but I seem to find other 'more important' things to do. But I have done something.

My sister's friend liked thesemittens I made her. They look a bit wonky, as these were only my 2nd pair of naalbinding mittens I've done. Below is another picrute of them.

I have also finished my 3rd patch for the SCA Wallhanging. I'll do at least one more patch, but later. Here's picture of CoA of Miehonlinna, my former 'home'. I still need to trim the gatearea. for some odd reason I made it longer than needed o.O

I just want to give you a small warning. I'll have my first give-away/competition in few days. Someone of you, my dear readers, might win small but useful and fancy price ;-)

Oh, I also have biiiiig problem. What on earth I'll do next? I have several halfdone projects, but I don't know witch one to continue first :D And I also should start to do xmas-presents. Too much to do, too little time... ( I also have no idea witch audiobook to listen next; Sookie stackhouse 3, Harry Potter 3, Two towers, Gadfael 1, Oliver Twist or Agatha Christie)

Ps. I have started to collect stamps, does anyone know a cheap please to buy/get used stamps? I already save every stamp my pelpals send me.