Thursday, 11 March 2010

embroidering and crocheting

Firstly, here's one ~10cm tall embroidery I made while roleplaying today. I am going to send it to one US girl vie Swap-bot's swap. Made from cotton on linen.

Some of you might be already familiar with Swap-bot. It's great site to find all kind of swaps. I have been member about 2 years now and I have participated several swaps. This swap was actually 1st one I made something like embroidering. Normally I parttake only letter/postcard/ATC swaps. This embroidered D is just extra for one letter-swap. It was so fast to do, so maybe I should surprise my swap-partners with embroideries more often :) and oh, my nick there is Silvermoonsnake

That's one of my crocheting projects I am doing. It's going to be some kind of bag. This yarn was the one I called Restless. There is so many colors is short intervals, so this kind of thing was propably the only one I could make. This is 3 weeks old pic, so I have done about 5cm more of it. As soon it's square, I'll start the lid and bottom.

I also finished my crocheted mittens. Unfortunately I don't have picture of them. They were birthday present for my cousin, made of gray-pink-white wool yarn. Maybe it's better I don't have picture of them. No-one can see how funky and odd they were ;-)