Thursday, 3 January 2013

Historical Jewelry

Lovely miniatures
 Today I decided to  post few pics fro my work. We actually have only few jewelry sets I don't like. I wish I could be as good miniaturepainter some day. I have not done that kind of miniatures at all (like in the picture above), but I might some day. I guess oil paints would be the best for practising. Actually I have not painted with oil in years. Maybe I should give a try ;)

This pearl set is one of my favourites too. I was stupid and I did not take details from these sets and now I can't remember anything at all. This probably was early 19th century set... or late 18th.... maybe I'll take new pics of the sets with correct information included. 

Pearls and filigree

Monday, 31 December 2012

German Brick Stitch vol. ?

Once a time (last fall) I was without pc for 2 weeks. I was restless and and I needed something to do. So... what I decided... I started new embroidery xD I have no idea what I am going to use is for, but at least I managed to use my random woolyarn. The fabric is 22 evencount and whole embroidery is about 13cm x 10cm. Desing is this one from Medieval Arts and Crafts. .

There is some color variations, just because I had limite amount of the yarn. I'll probaply make another one soon. I just have to remember to buy new evenweave.