Monday, 29 November 2010

After Aarinmetsä-Academy

Just short message. I am too sick to write long :(

Anyways, Aarnimetsä Academy went quite ok, althou I forgot to take my medieval clothes with me. Yes, I forgot to take my dresses with my. How embarrasing.

I was working at kitchen whole event. Food was delicious ;)

And I (finally) got my AoA, so now you can call me Sayyida/Lady Amal. I was SO surprised to be called before the court 4 times in one night. I have been before the court only once within my 14 years of SCA. In a way my AoA wasn't that big news. One of the court herald's presented me as Lady Amal at the 1st time I was called forward to get thanks to volunteering to Wall-hanging project. I kinda started to wonder if I get another call for the court and it came few moments after that.

I managed to do the 'comissioned' scroll, just in time. I put last gold-pieces minute before leaving to the event.Here it is. Note to self: DO NOT try to use new kind of gallicraphy-font if you are in hurry. The writing looked SO bad. oh well, at least Tuomas Tharo got his AoA-scroll in time (I am still waiting mine to arrive)