Thursday, 9 February 2012

Interesting blogs!

I created 'promote your partner's craft-blog' at Swap-bot and I think it's my turn to actually promote my partners websites. You should visit these blogs too, you might even get ideas for next projects ;)
: She makes lovely cards and scrapbooking. I am bit anti-valentine's girl myself, but one of her valentine cards was actually nice. I love the '2012 albym' she made for the "New Year's Resolutions" Blog Hop. eps. the months Janyary and august looked fine :) I hope to see her future creations. She writes about life and positivity. Maybe I should take time and read her textx and learn something ;). Anyhow, she make funny and creative knitted peaces. I have never seen such an artform, and I am bit shamed to admit it xD. Remember to check her etsy-store too! She recently
created a knitting needle/knitting supply roll up bag. Nice work! I actually have similar roll for my bruches and I'd say to everyone, that kind of solution is perfect for Knitters and painters like us. She seems to be creating all kind of thing, like sewing, storage-rolls, paintings. Worth to visit. She makes lovely pottery and other items from clay. Those rings, she blogged about month ago, are fantastic! They really look pretty. And her nanoblock pig is so cute x) It looks so 8-bit ;) : Her papercrafts are very pretty indeed. Lace, vintage images, etc She also blogs about different artforms and at least one of them was new to me too, The Encaustic 'painting'. Check out the video on her site. She has also made few lovely altered bottles etc containers. I have to follow her lead and paint few bottles and make them pretty x)