Monday, 15 October 2012

Annoying spammers

I have turned comment-option off for a While. I have got too many spam-comments lately and it's getting a bit annoying.

I also know I have been bit silent lately. I just have not had time/energy to write anything. Actually I have not even done anything lately. No point of showing works in progress... but I assure you. Soon I'll have something a brag/tell about. I am about to finish my 24 evencount German brick stitch I made for me! Yup, I actually make something for my own use, not just orders from friends. 

here's few modern(ish) diplomas I made for Fantasia-feast. I even managed to practise gilding.
Here are the modern calligraphy and Illumination I made

And here are some playing card/ATC sized ornaments I have been making for few swaps at

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