Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Back again


I got new pc finally. Althou I hate my new keyboard. I managed to lost long update only by pressing a wrong button. oh well, I'll try to write as much as had previously. I hope I won't hit the 'entrykiller'-button again (and I would like to know what did I do then...) anyways, most of my pics are inside my broken laptop, but I do have something to show you.

Scroll for Lord Nattfari

Viking age scroll/diploma (made for SCA.org)
Ink on 250mg watercolorpaper
Border design is from Swedish runestone
Border is (my own interpretation) Glymdrápa , a skaldic poem composed by Þorbjörn hornklofi toward the end of the 9th century :

Hilmir réð á heiði,
hjaldrseiðs, þrimu, galdra
óðr við œskimeiða
ey vébrautar, heyja,
áðr gnapsólar Gripnis
gnýstœrandi fœri
rausnarsamr til rimmu
ríðviggs lagar skíðum

Embroideries I made at work
I made these embroideries at work for small bags we make there. Right pair is multicolored silk with golden outlines and left ones are blue-to-white and violet-to-white cotton DMC with silver outlines. I have attached 2 small beads between both pairs of embroideries. They'll make pretty borders for the bags. all of these are about 5cm in diameter.

I have not had that much time to do anything at work, neither my free time have been that productive. I have started few new projects, like spiral naalbinding with 3 colors (spring green wool (dyed with red onions, if I remember right), dark green wool and Gray wool. I had all of those yarns very little, so I decided to make something out of them and 3-color spiral socks felt a nice idea. I fear I need to use other colors too, as these yarns seem to run out fast.

I have also 2 remodelling projects. My byzantine dress just needs some fixing, as part of the silken sleeves are torn. The other dress need much more work. I made it 14 years ago, so its not that authentic. So I decided to remodel it and I hope I can use it later. I have to cut the sleeves, so it will be quite short-sleeved, and then I have to turn the whole dress. The lacing is now at the back, so I will turn the dress around and widen the hole for the head. I hope that dress will turn more authentic with this little remodelling.

I'll be ending now, my hands are full of gold flakes. I tried gilding 1st time today and it did not work as well as I hoped x)

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