Saturday, 30 August 2014

Silky celtic embroideries

Few years ago my SCA friend ordered 2 tunics from me. I made the tunics then and promised to embroider them, when I have more time. 1st embroidery I made over a years ago and I have shown you pictures too. This one was the second, and it took freaking long time to finish. It was my 1st time do embroider on silk, with silk. It took me over a year to make, as I got so frustrated all the time and I had to have a break from embroidering quite often.

I had to darken the background ARMANI silk and I did it using very strong tea and salt. It was real experiment, but the color stuck pretty well.

The 'board' was combination of 2 round images, 2 square ones and 4 tiny triskels between the bigger images. Both big images are from my iron-on book ( found at ), and as my customer wanted doglike creatures, these 2 images were selected. Triskel image was my old rubberstamp, so I just stamped the right places and embroidered top of the mark.

Background: natural white ARMANI silk
Round image: really thin floss silk from Piper Silk
Square image and triskels: silk from The Silk Mill

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