Monday, 11 February 2013

To-Do list

- Turn your gray woollen dress more authentic aka cut sleeves, turn backside to the front and open neckline. MAYBE also fix the lacing too, but that's optional

- Cut off (and tidy up) about 15cm from your veil and use the cut of piece to make another wimple.

- Start to embroider late 14th cent bag's another side IF you have had money to buy more silkfloss.

- Continue to sew your 14th cent. wool dress.

- Ponder what kind of decoration to add to your new dress.

- Make late 14th cent. dress from linen. You need authentic clothes (/that are not very hot under scorching sun)  for Grünwald.

- Try to have time to finish your crocheted scarf.

- Play with indigo dye ;)

Shall we guess how much I manage to do. And how many new projects, not included this list, I'll start (and finish)

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