Thursday, 27 December 2012

Operation: Learn gilding

Firstly I wanted to post one picture from my work. I work in museum (at least for a while) and this one is from the collections. We have plenty of pretty costumes and accessories from the past. this set is one of my favorites.

And then one SCA-scroll. I have been bit lazy/tired/busy for SCA work lately. Sometimes I should do something for myself, not just for everyone else. This one I made for Elena af Humalasalo. I decided to try gilding finally and I had some problems, as you can see. I tried new kind of style for calligraphy and eventually I had problems to keep the text neat. Plus I made too many mistakes and I tried to cover them with gilding too xD At least I learnt what to do next time. The decoration is from mid 16th century embroiderybook and I decided to use it as Elena is excellent embroiderer.

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