Thursday, 28 July 2011

I am back...kind of xD

Soooo, I finally have little bit time to update. My summer have been too busy. I wonder was I mad or insane or out of my mind to take some many projects. Oh well, At least I got paid... once... few euros from one project xD

Aaaanyhow, I don't have so much pics, But I'll tell you by words of my finished art and craft items.

Project 1 aka Garments for man:
I handsew trousers and 2 tunics for my friend from Historical dances group. Me and other people liked them a lot. Trousers were slightly reddish brown linen, Tunics light blue and greenish grey. I'll be doing elaborate embroidery for the grey tunic later. ATM I don't have pics of the clothes.

Project 2 aka FAIL:
I was handsewing basic underdress for me, until I realized it was too small. I am/was too lazy/busy to fix the problem. I don't even have enough scraps to add some gores. So, I sold it xD My much fitter friend wants it.

Project 3 aka Birthday present for Mama:

This card is handpainted, and then mounded to 'mundane' vellum cardstock. I am pretty satisfied and all my relatives did not believe it was really painted :)

Project 4 aka Updating my Victorian/steampunk hat:

I updated this one for Finncon 2011's masquerade ball. I was planning to make real Steampunk decoration, but I gorgot where I'd put all my opened clocks and gogs and gears. I am too old :P

Project 5 aka Scroll 1:

Panache for Elzbeth MEclenburgilainen. I was experimenting and in hurry, so This might not be as good as it could have been.

Project 6 aka Scroll2:

Sorry, the scan is wonky, not the scroll ;) MAde for my friend Queniva. This was also made in hurry really. I suck at starting orders in time.

Project 7 aka painting from year 2000:

Painting I made for my mam 11 years ago. I finally remembered to scan it xD

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