Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Some scrolls...


Finally I have little time to update this blog.

This is one blank scroll I painted. I started it 2 years ago, but forgot to finish it xD I like this style a lot, but I hate painting/drawing it, hehe

Two blanks I made. I kinda fell in love with the font I used on bottom one.

And I have been mostly doing/cursing this German Brick Stitch patches. Some pint this will be small pounch for my friend (who is my sock-slave these days ;) ) I may scan the 1st attempt to do this technique, it looks so wrong and amusing, hehe. Anyhow, as these came relatively well, I might have courage to try harder patterns.

Things to do this summer:

- my 1st (and maybe only) patch for the 'Dragons' wallhanging. deciding the colors is the most difficult task xD
- 2 tunicks and trousers for my friend, partly handsewn, so It takes time
- 3 scrolls
- at least ONE one needleroll for MYSELF

yeah... doing something just for yourself is bloody hard. It seems all I do is something for friends or for SCA.

so, what have YOU been up to? Tell me!

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Laurel Shimer said...

Hello, I just found your blog because I have been trying to find the answer to a question that I thought would be easy - but it isn't. (question is in 'Second')

First, I must say that I really like your blog design! I have a hard time getting my blog postings to look good on top of my background and now I can see it's possible in blogspot, not to have all white behind the posting, I need to figure out how you do that. I really like your blue and red vine'y scroll. What will you use it for? I do everything in Photoshop, though I enjoy making things by hand too, but all my graphics are based on photos I take and then alter either a little or quite a lot. I try to only use my own or my husbands photos as the base for my illustrations.

Second, I wonder if you know the answer to my question. That question is - was a needle used to do whitework, blackwork embroidery during the English Elizabethan era - called a 'needle' or was it called something else? I know a 'bodkin' was a tool used to pull ribbons or things through casings and that is probably not the right word. I found pictures of some renaissance needles on ebay and they call them 'needles' but that may just be because that is a modern term and they wanted buyers to find them.

I'm working on a short time travel story for my art journal/podcast and the person in the story is a sewer who goes back to the Tudor era and gets a chance to make the sorts of items she sees in her trip to the Victoria and Albert. But she will need to know what a needle is called where she's going!

My email is if you have any ideas for me.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog and also picking up some design ideas along the way!