Friday, 15 April 2011


That's my new dresses. The brown viking appron-dress is mostly handsewn and I even made tablet-weave for it. Yay! And the grayish underdress is 100% handsewn. It took 'only' 2 years to make it, but well, I only progressed it about 1h a week and I made few mistakes too. Correcting them took some time xD Hmm... what else to tell you about these specimen? oh, yeah, both are linen, I used gray cottonthread for the underdress and slithly redded-brown cotton or linen for the appron-dress. To be honest, I am not sure if the reddish-brown is cotton or linen. I bought it from fleamarket xD

My really basic underdress is nearly finished too. I just need to trim the neckline.

And here is my new projects, tadaa!

- My 1st patch for 'we have dragons' wallhanging (for SCAs use) I am making pretty Viking-styled dragon
- Coif for my friend Sanna
- One surprise-embroidery for my other friend
- Naalbinding Legwarmers from Puro-yarn (my FAVORITE) (My dear man brought 3 balls of this yarn from Estonia. Me love, me love!)

and I am still progressing:
- German brick stitch (or 'tits' as my friends call it xD ) embroidery for my friend. It's going to be my payment from very neat socks
- Naalbinded sock. The y are already usable, but I want them longer
- Finishing touches for few scrolls

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