Thursday, 18 November 2010

Here again

It's been a while, since I updated last time. I have good reason. My new work takes so much time and energy, that I simply don't want to update. My body is finally getting used to VERY physical work and I have even lost 10kg within a month, WHII!

Anyways, due my work, I have not had time to do any crafts lately :( My 'saldo' from 1½ months have been 2 halloween cards, 2 rows of naalbinding armwarmer and 2 ATC cards.

oh, I forgot one thing. I am making a AoA scroll for Aarnimetsä academy . And I just informed that i'll be slaving at the kitchen whole event. If you come to Academy, come to say hi to me. I'll be at the kitchen, or doing naalbibding :D

Here's some pics of some cards I've made this fall.

erm... Apparently that's the only one I have a picture...

And here...yours truly... Trying out my friend's veil


Racaire said...

have fun at the event! :)
would love to come by and say hello, but unfortunately I won't visit the event... but I am sure you'll be in great company :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip for this page! Really nice halloween card, I wish I could do the same...:)

btw... I heard that Stephen Fry is reading to audio books as well, but can't remember what was the book... wild guess would be Woodhouse, but who knows... :)


patricias fabric art said...

Hi we meet again!!I am already following you [patricias fabric art]Bye for now

Cariann said...

love the card~ the veil is lovely.
~unvlmom~ from swap-bot