Monday, 19 July 2010

Busy Summer

It's been a while since I posted last time. I had no idea my summer could be so buzy. I've hardly had any time to do crafts at home. And weekends I have spent 100% with my new boyfriend. No time for crafts, you see ;)

I really enjoyed Turku's Medieval week. It has always been my no.1 event at summerstime since 1998. This year I was mostly hanging around with my darling, doing crafts with other re-enactors or dancing. SCA Unikankare had small dance-show at the market-area and I was one of the dancers. It was great to do that kind of activity after a break. And the market-area was total heaven. I spent nearly 50e for woolyarns *uuuups* Now I have enough yarn to start my tabletweave... I even bought the tablets, haha (I am like 13 years late)

I started a new project. I know... I have not even finished my older ones. Anyways, I started to crochet hammocks to my pets. They love them, and you can not never had enough. And it's nice way to use small random skeins of modern yarn. I'm sure Omppu and Häiriö will love them too :)

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures this time. I still don't have real camera and my phone's cam does not work well. I'd love to take picture of my yarn collection. It's getting bigger and bigger every moment ;) If anyone has pictures from Turku's market, I'd love to get copies. Esp. If I am presented at the pictures :)

I finally finished my sister's friend's naalbinding mittens. I'll post a pic soon. I am glad this work is over now and I can continue with my other projects.