Saturday, 17 April 2010

Help needed!

I desperately need cogs and gears. Can someone donate for excample their broken clocks to me?

or does anyone know cheap online shops for such parts?


Robotgranny said...

i dont have any to help you but GOOD LUCK!

robotgranny/celine from swap-bot
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Ellen said...

Hi – My name is Ellen and I’m following your blog through swap-bot. Hope you’ll follow back. My info: scentednights2002

heather said...

this is homekeepingheather from swap-bot, now following your blog

Kay B.Elle said...

KBL from Swapbot now following :-)

better than naked said...

how about vintage clocks from thrift stores? or an ebay auction for lots of clocks? swap-bot, betterthannaked

Kate and Oli said...

i'm following you back, now.

hmm, any luck on etsy? or thrift stores!

Anonymous said...

Have you looked on ebay or etsy? It seems like those sites would have something. This is K8ty from Swap-Bot for the I Want More Blogger Followers swap.

Susan said...

Good luck in your find. Sorry I cant help.

Have a great weekend!
susan (luv2swap)

MelonFarmingBabe said...

Go to a Thrift store and buy broken gadgets for cheap. If it doesn't matter whether they work or not I'm sure you can get a lot for almost nothing!

I'm from Swap Bot- MelonFarmingBabe

If I think of anything else I'll let you know. I just know I find a lot for art projects at my local St.Vincent DePaul.