Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tale of misfortune

Once upon a long,long,long time a ago (last week) Fair and modest virgin (Aka lazy and not-so-virgin me) was sewing her new and fancy dress ( very basic undergarment).

She was master in her dressmaking (yeah right!) and she did everything by the book. All 12 gores she sew with love and perfection. ( there was only 4 gores and frontal one 'accidentally' was sewn wrong way) she finished her fine dancingdress with expensive trim (I covered the mis-sewn frontal gore's seam with cheap braid, because she was too lazy to undo and sew it again perfectly)

There. I'll post pictures when I have fnished the dress. It becase a bit more fancier than I planned, just because I had to cover that bloody gore :D I think I won't use it as kitchen Dress after all.

- I started another project. I decided to do my lil sister's wedding present early. Esp. because I am using a new stitches. I won't give any futher details before end of the May. Just in case. I know sister's bridemaid is checking out this journal.

- I have nearly done my scrolls. I just need to write one blanck and then I can send them to SCA Scribe. I may do some srolls for the Finnish SCA Scribe too... maybe...

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